The sweet season is upon us! From late October through December, Americans are bombarded with more sugary treats at a sustained rate than at any other time of the year. In February, Valentine’s Day comes and goes with its’ sweet candy temptations quickly. In the spring, Easter baskets are filled many times with chocolate and other candies, but the holiday doesn’t last long. The biggest holiday for candy distribution in the United States is unquestionably Halloween in October. Americans spend about $2 billion on Halloween treats. As soon as Halloween comes and goes, Thanksgiving comes along with an assortment of pies, and who hasn’t given in to the temptation of festive Christmas cookies? For at least two months of the year, sugar is all around us and attempting an all-out assault on our dental health.

Take it from your trusted dentist, you can save your teeth and gums from harm this sweet season by following a few simple guidelines for you and your family. Good dental health starts with advice you have already heard many times from your dentist – brush your teeth twice daily and floss your teeth everyday. Keep up with your regularly scheduled dental appointments and cleanings. These appointments will help to keep your teeth and gums healthier than just simply brushing and flossing.

For at least the next couple of months, avoid drinking sugary drinks. It is common sense that the more sugar you consume, the more risk there is for tooth decay. If you know that you are going to eat more sugar than you normally would during the holiday season, offset that sugar by not drinking sugary drinks.

The best way to prevent tooth decay from sugar intake is to significantly limit your sugar intake. The next best way is to eat the sugar during meal times when the saliva in your mouth naturally increases and can help to wash the sugar away. Another way to wash away the sugar by increasing saliva production is to chew sugarless gum for a few minutes after consuming sugar.

Your dentist would prefer that you simply did not eat as much sugar in order to protect your teeth and gums. Share some of those Christmas cookies with others, limit the pie options this Thanksgiving, and if you find yourself with a lot of candy this Halloween, consider donating to a local business or organization that will send excess candy overseas to deployed soldiers.

In the war for your dental health, you can win with excellent self-care and the help of the dental professionals at New Beginnings Dental Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina.