As an adult, it’s easy to prioritize other daily tasks over a visit to the dentist. Many people go years without a visit to their Fayetteville, NC dentist. This may be due to concerns like lack of funds, fear, and the belief that they have healthy teeth already and don’t need to visit the dentist. However, it’s important for everyone – young and old – to visit the dentist twice a year.

By seeing your Fayetteville, NC dentist twice a year, you can take steps to prevent dental problems before they start and to treat any existing dental problems early. For example, a small cavity is much easier to resolve (and cheaper!) than a much pricier root canal or adding a dental crown.

Visiting your dentist in Fayetteville, NC can also help to address any aesthetic concerns you might have with your smile. A healthy smile is a bright smile. A dentist can remove plaque and tartar buildup that you may not be able to address with daily brushing and flossing. Your Fayetteville, NC dentist can also offer dental treatments that help to protect against these issues for much longer than home treatments.

A big sign that you need to visit the dentist is if your gums are bleeding. You may think it is normal to spot a little bit of blood in the sink when you brush and floss, but it is not normal at all! It could be due to over vigorous brushing, but often, bleeding gums can be a sign of dental plaque under the gums or be a sign that you may have gum disease. Both of these issues can eventually lead to tooth decay and loss and must be treated right away.

If it’s been over six months since your last visit to your Fayetteville, NC dentist, consider scheduling your next appointment with New Beginnings Dental Center in Fayetteville, NC. We offer flexible scheduling and accept dental medicaid. We look forward to seeing you smile! Call us today at (910) 483-0409.