When New Beginnings Dental Center opened its’ doors in 2013, there was one goal in mind. Our mission was to provide the very best dental care to our patients. Our general dentist and support staff combine education, advanced equipment and techniques, and a love of dentistry in order to succeed in meeting our goal. It is that relentless pursuit of excellence in dentistry that makes us family to the patients who trust us with their dental care. At New Beginnings Dental Center, we provide a wide variety of dental care, from routine cleanings to more invasive procedures.

If you are looking for an general dentist who can provide comprehensive dental care for you and your family, look no further than our team at New Beginnings Dental Center. The American Dental Association recommends regular teeth cleaning for optimal dental health. Widely popular guidance suggests two cleanings a year. More visits may be necessary every year, depending on your oral health. It is possible to prevent tooth enamel from weakening, cavities from developing, and other oral complications simply by having regular dental cleanings. If you do end up needing a root canal, our team will take care of you throughout the entire procedure, most times with very little pain involved.

Every general dentist at New Beginnings Dental Center is a highly trained professional. If you need a filling in order to stop or prevent cavities or decay from occurring, they know what to do. If you have a chipped tooth or a discolored tooth that is causing you embarrassment, our general dentist know how to bond that tooth using a filling that matches the shape and color of your natural tooth. Bonding is typically done in just one visit and tends to be one of the least expensive options available.

Sometimes circumstances happen in life that leave us with an empty space in our smile. Whatever the reason for losing your teeth, New Beginnings Dental Center can help you get that smile back and in many cases, even better than before, using dental bridges. Our general dentist have plenty of experience in molding artificial teeth to fit a person’s mouth perfectly, restoring a beautiful smile to their faces.

If you are in need of an general dentist, we hope you will contact us at New Beginnings Dental Care. We provide a judgement free place where you can get the dental care that you need by knowledgeable dental professionals who care about your oral health. If you need dental work done, please do not hesitate. Give us a call today in Fayetteville, North Carolina at (910) 483-0409.