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Simply drinking coffee or having a cold drink can be painful when you have sensitive teeth.  Understanding why this happens and learn what you can do about it.


Sensitive teeth are most often the result of worn tooth enamel or roots of the teeth become exposed. Tooth discomfort can also be caused by a cracked or chipped tooth, a cavity, worn filling, or gum disease.


It is important to get into the dental clinic if you have sensitive teeth so that you can get an exam and find out the cause.  Aside from determining the reason for the problem, they will give you the best plan of action for treatment.


FLORIDE – Your dentist may apply fluoride to the sensitive areas of your teeth as it can help strengthen tooth enamel and reduce pain.

SPECIAL TOOTHPASTE – Desensitizing toothpaste can sometimes help block pain from sensitive teeth. Many products are available over-the counter and your dentist can suggest the best one for you.

BONDING – If sensitivity is caused by exposed roots, they may be treated by applying a special type of bonding resin to the root surfaces.

ROOT CANAL – If all other treatments are not effective, our dentist might recommend a root canal. 

Taking care of your teeth and mouth will go a long way toward keeping yourself healthy and allowing you to smile confidently. To prevent sensitive teeth from recurring, brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste and floss daily. If you need to schedule a dental appointment, New Beginnings Dental Center is the number one resource in Fayetteville, NC for Dental Care! Call (910) 483-0409 to schedule your dentist appointment today.

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Oral Health: A Mirror of Your Health | Dentist | Fayetteville, NC

Oral Health: A Mirror of Your Health | Dentist | Fayetteville, NC

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your mouth is a mirror of your health. Although that idea may seem far-fetched, health experts believe that good oral health care does more than prevent tooth decay and gum disease. 


Health is more than wealth, and a lot of your overall health depends on your oral health. Your mouth, is the convergence point and a pointer to general health. Just as you pay a lot of attention to grooming so should you pay attention to maintaining perfect oral health at all times if you want to be in great health. Regular visits to New Beginnings Dental Center will help you maintain a better oral health and, as a result, better systemic health.


Brushing is not enough

Most people assume that brushing twice is an obligation they fulfill religiously and that this ensures perfect oral health. It does not. Brushing cannot remove plaque that eventually builds up into calculus, the breeding ground for bacteria that can cause incalculable and irreparable damage. Flossing is good but even that is inadequate. Make it a practice to visit your friendly dentist at New Beginnings Dental Center for all your oral care needs. Thorough scaling removes calculus. Bacteria cannot breed. Your breath remains fresh and you feel better too. Your dentist will give you further tips on maintaining better oral health. 


Good practices 


Brush, floss and use mouthwashes, and use the right toothpaste. Your dentist at New Beginnings Dental Center recommends the following: 


  • Avoid snacking in between meals 
  • Keep drinking water and rinse your mouth. Do not let your mouth go dry. Saliva is vital since it contains enzymes that keeps bacteria in check. 
  • Reduce or give up sugar. 
  • Tobacco stains teeth and coats teeth with tar so try to give it up. 

(Examine teeth and gums in the mirror and if you notice anything suspicious visit your dentist.)


Signs that you should visit your local dentist 


Regular checkups at New Beginnings Dental Center should be on your calendar. If you notice anything unusual such as bleeding gums, swelling gums, gums that recede or persistent bad breath, it’s time to go to your dentist. Early treatment will prevent any further escalation. 


Regular oral care prevents future problems

  • Neglect can lead to decay in your teeth and periodontitis that can ten cause bacteria to spread to other parts of your body. Endocarditis is one condition in which bacteria sticks to the heart valves. Clogged arteries and blood clots are also caused by bacteria. 
  • Inflammation is another outcome and can lead to atherosclerosis. 
  • Diabetics need to be careful since these conditions aggravates periodontal disease and result in heart complications. 
  • Gum disease can cause pregnant women to give premature birth with a lower than usual birth weight. 
  • Bacteria may enter the lungs and cause pneumonia. 


Regular visits to your local dental clinic will help prevent and avoid these complications, and with better teeth you can smile with confidence. If you need to schedule a dental appointment, New Beginnings Dental Center is the number one resource in Fayetteville for Dental Care! Call (910) 483-0409 to schedule your dentist appointment today.

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Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy!

Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy!

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If you’re afraid to flash those pearly whites, you may need a bit of a refresher on dental hygiene. Keeping your smile both healthy and beautiful isn’t difficult, but it does require commitment. Here are a few tips for maintaining healthy teeth for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. 

Brush Your Teeth Properly

Yes, there’s a right and wrong way to brush your teeth. When brushing, keep the bristles at a 45 degree angle near your gum line. You want to brush both your teeth and your gums. Be sure to brush both sides of your teeth, as well as the chewing surface. 

When you are finished with your teeth and gums, gently brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth. This will keep bad breath at bay. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after meals.

Floss Every Day

Brushing is great for cleaning the surface of your teeth, but it can’t reach in between your teeth where bacteria hides. Daily flossing will get rid of food residue that causes decay. 

Use 18 inches of floss, and gently work it between each tooth, bringing it up around the tooth where it meets your gum line. Keep the floss angled into a C shape around the tooth, which covers more surface area and is less irritating to the gums.

Eat a Healthy Diet

A tooth friendly diet includes lots of whole foods fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and cheese. Avoid refined foods that are high in sugar. 

Sugary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages should also be avoided. If you do indulge in these drinks, be sure to rinse your mouth with cool, clean water as soon as possible to rid your teeth of harmful residues. 

Visit Your Dental Clinic Regularly 

The American Dental Association recommends dental cleanings and checkups every six months. Not only does this allow for strong cleaning of your teeth and gums, it also catches small dental problems before they have a chance to grow into big ones. 

Use Mouthwash Before Bed

A fluoridated mouthwash can reach places that your toothbrush and floss can’t. You can use a mouthwash during the day when you can’t brush your teeth or right before bed. Allow the fluoride to sit on your teeth when you go to bed, and you will add another layer of protection to your tooth enamel. 

Taking care of your teeth and mouth will go a long way toward keeping yourself healthy and allowing you to smile confidently. Follow your dentist’s advice to replace your toothbrush every three months or less and your smile will thank you! If you need to schedule a dental appointment, New Beginnings Dental Center is the number one resource in Fayetteville for Dental Care! Call (910) 483-0409 to schedule your dentist appointment today.

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Visiting Your Dental Clinic During COVID-19

We all value our health above all else, and part of keeping healthy is maintaining your dental care. During COVID-19, visiting your dental clinic should be prioritized to satisfy urgent and emergency dental care.

The CDC recommends that you receive dental care during COVID-19 if you have an emergency dental need. Routine dental clinic visits and elective dental procedures, such as teeth whitening may need to be postponed until the pandemic passes. With that said, it’s important to listen to your body. If you have concerns about your dental health or if you are experiencing pain, you should contact your dental clinic. A small issue now left untreated, could grow to become a much larger issue that could have been prevented. New Beginnings Dental Clinic is committed to keeping your informed and providing our community dental care whenever possible.

During COVID-19, New Beginnings Dental Clinic is remaining open and available to services you and your family’s dental care needs. We are following CDC recommendations for cleaning and sanitizing, maintaining social distance, and checking temperature and symptoms or our staff and patients.

Urgency and need for emergency dental care if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will be made on a case by case basic. You can contact our dental clinic at 910-483-0409 for more information.

Call today to schedule your appointment. New Beginnings Dental Clinic is your source for dental care and dental health in all seasons.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Toothbrush?

We’re taught to brush our teeth from a young age. As an adult, the entire process is ingrained in us, but how much do you really know about your toothbrush?

Your toothbrush is the first step in creating a good dental health practice and maintaining your healthy smile. Making sure to treat your toothbrush well day to day and to then replace your toothbrush periodically is key to your dental health. That goes for all toothbrushes! Whether your toothbrush is mechanical and plastic, made from bamboo, or an electronic head – you still need to replace it regularly.

If your toothbrush head is starting to look worn out or the bristles are splayed out, it is time for a replacement. While when this happens can vary from person to person, the toothbrush itself, and how often and with how much pressure you use to brush your teeth, generally, it is a good practice to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every three months.

Even if your toothbrush looks okay at the three-month mark, dentists still recommend changing out the toothbrush. Continuing to use a toothbrush after three months can have negative results. For example, you may have unseen bacteria and other buildup on the toothbrush. Also, the integrity of the bristles will have declined and you may not be experiencing the same level of care and clean from an older toothbrush!

Treat your smile with care. Follow your dentist’s advice to replace your toothbrush every three months or less and your smile will thank you! If you need to schedule a dental appointment, New Beginnings Dental Center is the number one resource in Fayetteville! You will love your dentist! Call (910) 483-0409 to schedule your dentist appointment today.

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Why Should You Visit Your Fayetteville, NC Dentist?

As an adult, it’s easy to prioritize other daily tasks over a visit to the dentist. Many people go years without a visit to their Fayetteville, NC dentist. This may be due to concerns like lack of funds, fear, and the belief that they have healthy teeth already and don’t need to visit the dentist. However, it’s important for everyone – young and old – to visit the dentist twice a year.

By seeing your Fayetteville, NC dentist twice a year, you can take steps to prevent dental problems before they start and to treat any existing dental problems early. For example, a small cavity is much easier to resolve (and cheaper!) than a much pricier root canal or adding a dental crown.

Visiting your dentist in Fayetteville, NC can also help to address any aesthetic concerns you might have with your smile. A healthy smile is a bright smile. A dentist can remove plaque and tartar buildup that you may not be able to address with daily brushing and flossing. Your Fayetteville, NC dentist can also offer dental treatments that help to protect against these issues for much longer than home treatments.

A big sign that you need to visit the dentist is if your gums are bleeding. You may think it is normal to spot a little bit of blood in the sink when you brush and floss, but it is not normal at all! It could be due to over vigorous brushing, but often, bleeding gums can be a sign of dental plaque under the gums or be a sign that you may have gum disease. Both of these issues can eventually lead to tooth decay and loss and must be treated right away.

If it’s been over six months since your last visit to your Fayetteville, NC dentist, consider scheduling your next appointment with New Beginnings Dental Center in Fayetteville, NC. We offer flexible scheduling and accept dental medicaid. We look forward to seeing you smile! Call us today at (910) 483-0409.

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Finding Your Fayetteville, NC Dentist

If you plan to stay in Fayetteville, NC for over a year, chances are that you’ll see your dentist at least a few times! That’s why it’s so important to make sure you and your Fayetteville, NC dentist become partners in your dental healthcare.

How do you go about finding the best Fayetteville, NC dentist for you? We’ve got you covered!

#1 Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations
When you’re new to an area, trying to find a quality dentist can be overwhelming! Your smile is one of the first things people notice, and you want to make sure your teeth are sparkly clean! By asking trusted friends or family in the area, you can skip the worry and schedule an appointment with your Fayetteville, NC dentist right away.

#2 Ask You General Practitioner or Local Pharmacist
You’ve already done the hard work and found yourself a doctor and a pharmacist for your health. They know how important dental health is to overall healthcare and are certain to have quality recommendations or referrals for a local dentist in Fayetteville, NC.

#3 What Types of Insurance Do They Accept?
While there are many things to consider when searching for a dentist in Fayetteville, NC., none may be more important than who, what, and how much service is covered. Make sure your insurance is accepted at the dentist you’re considering before scheduling your appointment.

Choosing a dentist in Fayetteville, NC is an important decision, but with these tips you can simplify the process. New Beginnings Dental Center in Fayetteville, NC is proud to accept new patients and many forms of insurance. Call us today at (910) 483-0409 to find out more information and to schedule your first visit.

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Using Medicaid at New Beginnings Dental Center

Medicaid In North Carolina

Medicaid services in North Carolina exist to help seniors, low income individuals and families, and those with disabilities receive the medical treatment that they need. This includes dental services. While the government requires that all states allow Medicaid beneficiaries that are children to receive comprehensive dental care when it is deemed medically necessary, at the very minimum, children on Medicaid in North Carolina will be covered for services needed to maintain good dental health, for procedures needed to restore damaged teeth, and whatever is needed to relieve pain or stop oral infections.

Are You A Medicaid User

Unfortunately, when it comes to the dental health of adults, the states have the right to determine which services are allowed for Medicaid insurance holders. Not every dental provider has to accept adult Medicaid recipients. We are happy to say that at New Beginnings Dental Center, we are one of only a few local dentist offices that accepts Medicaid for dental care. It is vital to the team at New Beginnings Dental Center that you receive the dental care that you need in order to have healthy teeth and gums. We want to preserve your oral health for all of your life.

Your Dental Needs

Our Medicaid recipients that see us at New Beginnings Dental Center are eligible to have comprehensive dental exams done, routine teeth cleanings, fillings and x-rays, and other services as well. If you need extensive dental care that is not covered by Medicaid, our staff will work with you to determine what payment options and plans will work for you. It is our goal to keep you healthy and to do that in a cost effective way that works for everybody.

Contact New Beginnings Dental Center

We understand that sometimes trying to figure out what you can and can’t do with your Medicaid coverage is confusing. Don’t let your confusion stop you from giving New Beginnings Dental Center a call today! We can help you make sense of your dental health benefits through Medicaid, schedule your appointment over the phone, and have you seeing one our highly trained and experienced dentists soon. Call us today at (910) 483-0409.

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