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Tips For A Successful Trip To The Dentist

Popular dental guidelines for years now have suggested that healthy children and adults benefit the most from twice a year visits to their general dentist. The American Dental Association recommends that patients lean on their dentists’ discretion on the frequency of visits simply because each person is different and may have different dental care needs. While aging adults may need to be more vigilant about the health of their gums, children need to be closely monitored for cavities and tooth development issues.

Regardless of the age of the patient, these are some suggestions that have been proven to help out with general dentist anxiety and encourage a smooth dental visit:

Do not come to the dentist hungry. What we have found at New Beginnings Dental Center, especially in our child patients, is that if a patient has not eaten before they come to see us then they are more likely to be uncomfortable or irritable. There may be situations in which your dentist will ask you not to eat before coming in, but they will let you know if that is the case.
Speaking of comfortable, when possible we find that dental visits go better when the patient is dressed comfortably. Seems like such a small factor, but it can really make a difference, particularly if the dental visit ends up lasting longer than the patient was expecting it to.
Timing is everything. If the patient is very young, a general dental visit scheduled during nap time is not a good idea. Likewise, if the patient is an adult they need to be sure that they do not schedule a general dentist appointment on a day filled with a lot of activity or short timeframes. Giving yourself as much time as you can for your dental visit is best, even if it is just a routine dental cleaning.
Calm your nerves. Going to the dentist can cause anxiety in people of all ages. At New Beginnings Dental Center, we want you to be at peace when you see us. We certainly do not mean for you to be nervous. We are here for you and your oral health. Some ways to calm the nerves of adults and children when coming in for a general dentist appointment are to listen to a favorite type of music, read a calming book, meditate, breathe deeply, and repeat positive words of encouragement. We promise you will be okay.

If it has been a while since you have seen a dentist, we want to encourage you to give New Beginnings Dental Center a call today at (910) 483-0409.

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Dental Care At New Beginnings Dental Center

Dental Care At New Beginnings Dental Center

When New Beginnings Dental Center opened its’ doors in 2013, there was one goal in mind. Our mission was to provide the very best dental care to our patients. Our general dentist and support staff combine education, advanced equipment and techniques, and a love of dentistry in order to succeed in meeting our goal. It is that relentless pursuit of excellence in dentistry that makes us family to the patients who trust us with their dental care. At New Beginnings Dental Center, we provide a wide variety of dental care, from routine cleanings to more invasive procedures.

If you are looking for an general dentist who can provide comprehensive dental care for you and your family, look no further than our team at New Beginnings Dental Center. The American Dental Association recommends regular teeth cleaning for optimal dental health. Widely popular guidance suggests two cleanings a year. More visits may be necessary every year, depending on your oral health. It is possible to prevent tooth enamel from weakening, cavities from developing, and other oral complications simply by having regular dental cleanings. If you do end up needing a root canal, our team will take care of you throughout the entire procedure, most times with very little pain involved.

Every general dentist at New Beginnings Dental Center is a highly trained professional. If you need a filling in order to stop or prevent cavities or decay from occurring, they know what to do. If you have a chipped tooth or a discolored tooth that is causing you embarrassment, our general dentist know how to bond that tooth using a filling that matches the shape and color of your natural tooth. Bonding is typically done in just one visit and tends to be one of the least expensive options available.

Sometimes circumstances happen in life that leave us with an empty space in our smile. Whatever the reason for losing your teeth, New Beginnings Dental Center can help you get that smile back and in many cases, even better than before, using dental bridges. Our general dentist have plenty of experience in molding artificial teeth to fit a person’s mouth perfectly, restoring a beautiful smile to their faces.

If you are in need of an general dentist, we hope you will contact us at New Beginnings Dental Care. We provide a judgement free place where you can get the dental care that you need by knowledgeable dental professionals who care about your oral health. If you need dental work done, please do not hesitate. Give us a call today in Fayetteville, North Carolina at (910) 483-0409.

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How to Prevent Cavities in the Future

How to Prevent Cavities in the Future

Studies show that over 90% of Americans has had one cavity in their lifetime. Although it is common, no one wants one of course. It can affect your smile and make you feel self-conscious when you are around others. And even worse, if it is not treated immediately and correctly, it can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and other health related problems. Causing you to pay a lot of money for different procedures to fix it.

So how do you prevent future cavities? We at New Beginnings have compiled a list of a few tips on how to take better care of your teeth.

Tip #1 Get Rid of the Sweet Tooth: We all like something sweet every now and again but eating candy and other sugary pastries everyday is a big no-no. Not only will it harm your overall health but snacking on them every day is one of the main reasons for cavities. This also includes coffee, soda, and other sugary energy drinks as well. Try cutting back and finding better alternatives, such as grapes and strawberries. Also, drink plenty of water and if you don’t like the “bland taste”, try mixing lime, lemon, or cucumber in it to spice it up. After doing this, you will see a positive change in your oral health and as well as your overall.

Tip #2 Start a Routine at Home: Another way to prevent cavities is to brush your teeth twice a day, morning and night, and to always floss and rinse with mouthwash afterwards. But we recommend to not just buy any toothpaste or mouthwash that you find at the store. During a routine check-up, be sure to ask your dentist which one is best for your teeth. Your dentist should be able to recommend a few that you can choose from that will get the job done.

Tip #3 Schedule Your Next Appointment: Besides eating a ton of sweets or not taking better care of teeth at home, one number one reason why many people have cavities is because they don’t go to the dentist on a regular basis. You should be going to the dentist twice a year for a dental cleaning and a check-up for any current or potential problems. A dentist can provide different examinations and treatments to stop the problem right then and there.

Don’t have a dentist to go to? Luckily New Beginnings Dental Center is here! We provide quality care for each one of our patients. Each one of our services are at reasonable and efficient cost and we also accept Medicaid as well. Give us a call now, to make your next appointment.

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Tips on Finding the Right Dentist

Tips on Finding the Right Dentist

Finding the right dentist can be a tough task. There are so many things you must take in account when finding the best dentist that will serve you and your family. Although there isn’t a magic solution to finding the perfect one in your area, we have listed a few tips that can help making the decision easier.

Tip 1: Ask Your Physician

It might seem strange to ask your physician about recommendations for a good dentist during your physical exam but it’s not. Oral hygiene is just as important to your doctor as everything else. Doctors know that not having good oral hygiene can lead to long-term effects on your overall health if not treated correctly. Your doctor, will more and likely, have a few dentists, in mind, that you can go to.

Tip 2: Ask Family and Friends

What’s a better way to get an honest answer, about a dentist, than from your friends and family? Ask them about their experience and if they can recommend any good dentists. When it comes to friends and family, you will get the unfiltered truth about a dentist.

Tip 3: Look at Online Reviews

Another way to get the unfiltered truth is by looking at the reviews online. The best sites to find reviews are on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and a few others. Just search “dentistry near you” and a list of reviews will pop up from different people who have had their service.

Again, we know that finding a good dentist is difficult, but luckily New Beginning’s Dentistry is here. We are known for our quality service and excellent dental treatment in the Fayetteville area. Over the years we have been recommended by physicians, friends, and family while receiving rave reviews online.

Call us today to make your next appointment!

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