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Month: April 2019

Using Medicaid at New Beginnings Dental Center

Medicaid In North Carolina

Medicaid services in North Carolina exist to help seniors, low income individuals and families, and those with disabilities receive the medical treatment that they need. This includes dental services. While the government requires that all states allow Medicaid beneficiaries that are children to receive comprehensive dental care when it is deemed medically necessary, at the very minimum, children on Medicaid in North Carolina will be covered for services needed to maintain good dental health, for procedures needed to restore damaged teeth, and whatever is needed to relieve pain or stop oral infections.

Are You A Medicaid User

Unfortunately, when it comes to the dental health of adults, the states have the right to determine which services are allowed for Medicaid insurance holders. Not every dental provider has to accept adult Medicaid recipients. We are happy to say that at New Beginnings Dental Center, we are one of only a few local dentist offices that accepts Medicaid for dental care. It is vital to the team at New Beginnings Dental Center that you receive the dental care that you need in order to have healthy teeth and gums. We want to preserve your oral health for all of your life.

Your Dental Needs

Our Medicaid recipients that see us at New Beginnings Dental Center are eligible to have comprehensive dental exams done, routine teeth cleanings, fillings and x-rays, and other services as well. If you need extensive dental care that is not covered by Medicaid, our staff will work with you to determine what payment options and plans will work for you. It is our goal to keep you healthy and to do that in a cost effective way that works for everybody.

Contact New Beginnings Dental Center

We understand that sometimes trying to figure out what you can and can’t do with your Medicaid coverage is confusing. Don’t let your confusion stop you from giving New Beginnings Dental Center a call today! We can help you make sense of your dental health benefits through Medicaid, schedule your appointment over the phone, and have you seeing one our highly trained and experienced dentists soon. Call us today at (910) 483-0409.

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