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Month: November 2018

Dental Care Services Offered At New Beginnings Dental Center

In a 2016 study done by the Health Policy Institute of the American Dental Association, one in five adult North Carolinians avoided smiling because of the condition of their mouth and teeth. Seventeen percent of people asked said that they were embarrassed by the condition of their teeth and mouth. While cost was the overwhelming reason why people didn’t go to their dentist regularly, other main reasons included anxiety and fear of the dentist, not finding the time to go and simply having trouble finding a dentist.

New Beginnings Dental Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina is committed to providing comprehensive dental services to our patients. Even more important than the services we provide, is that we believe in providing the best possible affordable dental care in a kind, thoughtful way in order to make our patients feel safe and at peace. We were all young once and we remember good and bad dental experiences that shaped our perception of dentists and dental professionals well into adulthood. At New Beginnings Dental Center, we care for the people who entrust their dental health to us and it shows.

Our comprehensive dental care services include routine dental cleanings and deep cleanings for more advanced periodontal issues. We also perform root canals when they are needed to heal infections that can seriously affect the teeth and gums. Fillings are somewhat common among dental patients, as these help to stop the further damage and decay of cavities. Many insurance companies will cover fillings.

New Beginnings Dental Center also provides certain cosmetic procedures for our dental patients, such as tooth bonding and dental bridges. These two procedures help to restore broken or missing teeth in order to fix a person’s bite or just give them a more confident smile. When we opened our dentistry practice, we pledged to offer the best possible care for our patients in order for them to have the best oral health that they could. We take our job seriously. If you are one of the many North Carolinians who do not make their dental health a priority, now is the perfect time to start. Give New Beginnings Dental Center a call today at (910) 483-0409.

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