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Month: March 2018

Tips on Finding the Right Dentist

Tips on Finding the Right Dentist

Finding the right dentist can be a tough task. There are so many things you must take in account when finding the best dentist that will serve you and your family. Although there isn’t a magic solution to finding the perfect one in your area, we have listed a few tips that can help making the decision easier.

Tip 1: Ask Your Physician

It might seem strange to ask your physician about recommendations for a good dentist during your physical exam but it’s not. Oral hygiene is just as important to your doctor as everything else. Doctors know that not having good oral hygiene can lead to long-term effects on your overall health if not treated correctly. Your doctor, will more and likely, have a few dentists, in mind, that you can go to.

Tip 2: Ask Family and Friends

What’s a better way to get an honest answer, about a dentist, than from your friends and family? Ask them about their experience and if they can recommend any good dentists. When it comes to friends and family, you will get the unfiltered truth about a dentist.

Tip 3: Look at Online Reviews

Another way to get the unfiltered truth is by looking at the reviews online. The best sites to find reviews are on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and a few others. Just search “dentistry near you” and a list of reviews will pop up from different people who have had their service.

Again, we know that finding a good dentist is difficult, but luckily New Beginning’s Dentistry is here. We are known for our quality service and excellent dental treatment in the Fayetteville area. Over the years we have been recommended by physicians, friends, and family while receiving rave reviews online.

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